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Acrylic Jewellery Care Tips

Acrylic is a fantastic medium to make jewellery out of. It provides Bombshell Accessories with a myriad of options to bring you some stunning and dynamic designs. However, while resilient, generally tough to break (with reasonable use) and able to last lifetimes acrylic still needs you to look after it so it can continue to look fantastic. Here is some tips and tricks to keeping your goodies looking fresh*.


How to store your acrylic jewellery:

Acrylic is a medium that can be scratched if not stored or handled properly. This is not a product fault and more of a standard product property that applies to all acrylics. So, what is the general tips for keeping your goodies looking stellar?

1) Avoid storing them in a jewellery box or space (such as a handbag) where the surface will come into contact with other objects. If this is not an option, try to put a non-abrasive barrier like an eye-glasses cleaning cloth or even a soft tissue in between them and the other objects. 

2) Try to store/display them with the front of the earrings facing away from the object that is holding them. This is obviously so that the front does not rub on the jewellery holder. This is totally up to you; however, most people would prefer that the back of their earrings receive any possible scratching over the front. 

3) If possible, store the earrings out of the open air. If you like to have your personal collection displayed the below cleaning tips will be extra helpful for you.


How to clean and care for your acrylic jewellery:

The most important suggestion to follow when it comes to cleaning acrylic jewellery is to always lightly brush away all debris with a soft brush (type suggested below) before any cleaning with cloths or wipes. This is so you are not rubbing dust and debris into the acrylic and scratching it. Treat it the same way you would the back of a CD. 

The rest of the tips are as follows:

1) Before you brush away any dust make sure the brush you are using is totally clean and a soft and loose bristled brush like an eye shadow buffing brush. The soft and clean bristles will remove dust without scratching. 

2) Do not clean acrylic with your shirt, skirt, kitchen clothes or similar fabrics as they can be quite abrasive. Aim for a totally clean (not pre-packaged alcohol based) standard eye-glasses cleaning cloth. Avoid using jewellery cleaning cloths as they can be abrasive. When cleaning be light, gentle and slow with your swipes. Do not wipe aggressively and take your time.

3) Only clean when you need to. This will reduce the chances of mistakes being made that could scratch the acrylic. 

4) Avoid contact with abrasive products, cleaning products, perfumes, and chlorine. 

5) Follow the general storage tips for all acrylic as stated in the above instructions.



*although these methods have been tried and tested over 5 years of experience in working with acrylic these are not rules you must follow but recommendations based on general care instructions for all acrylic. How you clean and care for you products is your own choice. Bombshell Accessories is not responsible if you use incompatible cleaning products, faulty products, untested products or not recommended cleaning methods that cause damage to your items. Following these tips is totally up to you and you are responsible for testing them and seeing if they work for you and your products. Always make sure to work with methods and products that work for you.